Since the completion of the first portions of Waterfront Park in the mid 1990’s, the Waterfront Development Corporation’s role has evolved into a three-part mission: park planning and construction; park maintenance; and event production and coordination. WDC also manages the Belle of Louisville on behalf of Louisville Metro, has design review authority in the Waterfront District, and is developing the master plan for Riverview Park in Southwest Jefferson County.

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General Donations

General Donations go toward design and construction of special projects in Waterfront Park. Examples include Big Four Bridge Lighting and the Big Four Bridge Plaza under the bridge.

Waterfront Park Clean Team

The Waterfront Park Clean Team is a summer jobs program for area youth. Clean Team members help keep the park clean and beautiful during our busy summer months by picking up trash, pulling weeds, and performing other daily maintenance chores.


The Friends of the Waterfront is a volunteer organization focused on waterfront advocacy and development. We do this through programs, events, education, fundraising and marketing efforts. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the community’s use and appreciation of the river.

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 If you would like to learn more about your Charity becoming involved with The Waterfront Challenge, please contact john@thewaterfrontchallenge.