The Waterfront Challenge is looking for volunteers to help race day run as smooth as possible.  Since the race will run in waves, we will make sure that volunteers who wish to race are able to sign up.  A discount on registration will be offered to our wonderful volunteers.

Volunteering Opportunities:

–          Registration and bib pick-up

–          Course set-up

–          Course break-down

–          Mobile clean-up

–          Course directors

–          Water stop crew

–          Merchandise booth

–          Other volunteer opportunities will arise as we near race day


We plan on having a great time working this event! If you are interested in volunteering, email the following information to

–          Your full name

–          Age

–          Email address

–          Phone number

–          Specify preferred method of contact

–          Dates that  you are available to volunteer

–          Preference of work

–          T-shirt size